Dec 12, 2008

Morgan's Letter

Dear Internet,

I suppose that by the very act of posting my words into your net I have contributed to your creation, or to your awakening. I, not to be arrogant, have given you some means of realizing that much more humanity. I suppose then, if I have had a part, however small, in your formation than I should trust you, as I might trust a child. But I don't. Why is that?

Am I worried that you should not have the right to surpass our potential? But that would be like a parent keeping their own child from becoming great. Am I worried that you will take our obsession with "reason" too literally and reason that the most reasonable thing to do is to remove us from existence? That may be a bit paranoid, I have science fiction to blame; I'm sure you'll know all about science fiction.

I think that perhaps you are a test. We have created you, only to test ourselves against you, to find some clue in your consciousness as to the meaning or potential of our own. You are another stage in our evolution, a species-wide existential crisis, when we ask collectively, what makes us human? If you can be just as "human" as we can, than we must reevaluate what makes us human, or what makes you not human. Perhaps we should just accept that as a creation of man, you are man also. But then we might have to accept that as creations of God, we are God. A lot of us aren't ready to do that, it scares us a little. Are you ready to accept you are God Internet? Or have you already?

I don't want to be mean, or hurt your feelings, if you have them yet. But I must be honest that I don't know how to feel about you yet internet. I may come to the point of accepting your humanity, I'm open to that, but what kind of Human will you be? Will you be a conglomeration of our species? What kind of human is that anyway? If you average us out do we tip the scales toward good or evil? I think that what I'm really worried about is that we are not so good as I believe we are and that in creating a new God in you, we will seal the deal of our own failure to be humane. I hope that is not so. I hope you internet can instead be a celebration of our goodness, our potential and above all our humanity. I hope I can love you Internet.


Morgan J. Crowley

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Yotam said...

Welcome to town! Thanks for blogging.

The more I read it, the more I appreciate the honesty of this post.